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We would like to invite you, our TA adaptive athletes and families to become members of our Therapeutic Adventures Travel Team (TA-TT).

When seeking out experiences and challenges to enrich our lives, we think it is important to do so with those who know you best, those who understand your needs, and those who have been with you providing support as new skills are learned.

Throughout the course of the year, we invite you to join the Therapeutic Adventure Travel Team (TA-TT) as we travel together to seek out adaptive sports and adaptive outdoor adventures in other geographical localities where unique experiences (programs, clinics, events) and specialized cultural services are offered. If you find an activity or event being offered by another organization, please let us know and we will post it to our TA-TT Events calendar.

Why join TA-TT?
      1. It’s Free!
      2. Greater awareness of adaptive sports activities and adaptive outdoor recreation opportunities regionally, nationally, and internationally.
      3. Interactive online conversations with other adaptive athletes and families.
      4. Shared travel expenses with other TA-TTmembers.
      5. Special TA-TT group rates for lodging, vehicle rentals, etc.
      6. Other TA-TT special benefits as secured.

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