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At some point in our life, each of us will need to confront the life-changing news that a loved one in our immediate family — a child, a sibling, a spouse, a parent, a grandparent — has a suffered a horrific debilitating injury, a chronic illness, or a terminal disease. When this happens, the family and extended family may experience many complex demands that impact on emotional, financial, physical, psycho-social, and spiritual well-being.

Our responsibility is to serve others and provide a supportive helping hand in times of greatest need. Our commitment is: To Educate, To Challenge, and To Inspire people of all ages and abilities — providing them with opportunities to improve their health, fitness, functional independence, and overall quality of life.

Approaching 40 years of service, Therapeutic Adventures (TA) believes that individuals benefit from active participation in adaptive sports and adaptive outdoor adventures. These activities help individuals as they work to restore, to rebuild, and to re-create themselves.

Our TA Causes include:

    ✴Physical & Developmental Disabilities
    ✴Disabled Heroes – Military, Warfighters, Veterans, 1st Responders and their Families
    ✴Cancer Survivors
    ✴Chronic, Terminal Health Conditions and Other Complex Medical Needs

Unfortunately, the families we serve must navigate complex systems in order to receive the appropriate healthcare, rehabilitation, education, and other training services. With layer upon layer of regulations as well as exorbitant costs for prescribed therapies, medications, durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, vans with lifts, etc.), the process can be overwhelming and disheartening. Services that are supposed to improve life satisfaction often cause undue emotional and financial burden to families.

When our lives are turned upside down because of a tragic event, it tests the fabric of our being as individuals, as communities, as a nation. Therapeutic Adventures does not have a financial endowment to sustain our cause. We do, however, have an extraordinary team of committed volunteers who provide caring support, and enthusiasm to serve those who participate in our unique adaptive programs, projects, and events.

TA has never denied anyone an opportunity to participate in our programs due to an inability to pay our nominal registration fees. We have always used a sliding scale based on need. In fact, we provide partial to full scholarships for ALL of our clients! Moreover, we have successfully raised funds and unwritten many of our programs and events – providing them at NO cost to our participants. We are known for our “above and beyond” services, our attention to the important details, and making sure we do ALL the “Little Things”! After all, at the end of the day, it’s about spreading joy with those whom we are privileged to serve.

It sure would be nice if we could do this across the board for all of our services. We believe that the benefits of adaptive sports and adaptive outdoor adventures should not be a financial burden for those we serve.

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