IndependencePlus is our unique and systematic approach to individualized instruction and service delivery. With a primary emphasis on helping individuals to achieve greater independence in the out-of-doors and to improve their quality of life, all of our instructional programs and guide services emphasize: safety, personal development, functional independence, skills development, and successful learning.

Our Therapeutic Adventures (TA) and IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports (I~AS) staff will work with you to design an individualized action plan – with emphasis on helping each participant to identify realistic goals. All instructional programs provide personalized instruction with emphasis on successful learning in a variety of safe challenging environments.

As a function of IndependencePlus, all instructional programs begin with comprehensive assessment and end with thorough evaluation to determine what goals and objectives have been met. In addition to revealing areas for personal growth and development, this process helps each participant identify a goal, a dream, a purpose, and hopefully, life changing vision to direct all their actions.

Our TA / I~AS staff will also work with you, your therapists and teachers to complement any therapy or special education goals and objectives you may be working on in other settings. Each participant will make lasting changes in the following developmental domains:

Personal Development Domains
❖Spiritual Development
❖Physical Development
❖Cognitive Development
❖Psycho-Social Development
❖Emotional Development

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