We who love the outdoors in order that it may be enjoyed and shared with future generations are committed to a common goal–to promote greater access to Adaptive Snow Sports, Adaptive Water Sports and Adaptive Wilderness Adventures for all persons who have a physical or developmental disability, a chronic illness, or other special health needs.

Towards this end we pledge that our efforts shall always emphasize– access, education, safety, independence, and conservation. Through participation in safe, challenging adaptive outdoor experiences, we will enjoy the positive life changing benefits and therapeutic value of adventure.

Enjoying, as we do, a spiritual, a moral, and a therapeutic connection with the out- of-doors, with the responsibility to educate and hand it down unspoiled to tomorrow’s inheritors, we individually undertake the responsibility to promote and provide greater accessibility to adaptive outdoor recreation for persons newly injured or diagnosed as well as those with a long term physical or developmental disability, a chronic medical impairment, or other special health needs, instructing them as best we know, in the responsibilities that are soon to be wholly theirs.

Understanding that we have a moral obligation to be accountable to our self, to others and to God, our creator, as well as a duty to preserve and protect our natural resources and holding that example alone is the one certain teacher, we pledge always to conduct ourselves in such a fashion in the outdoors as to make safe for others the heritage which is ours and theirs.