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On Belay!

ORIGIN:  Belay. In fact, that is the original meaning of the word: to surround a thing with other objects. This was a literal meaning, of course, but the word came to be used figuratively, as well. It is from that meaning, or possibly from a cognate Dutch word, that the nautical use arose. There, to belay, meant “to secure a length of rope by wrapping it around a cleat or belaying pin, especially a rope attached to sails”. This meaning was then extended to mountaineering and by the heyday of that discipline, the 20th century, to belay meant “to tie oneself, as a stationary member of a roped party, to a firm rock projection…or to a piton, etc…in order to secure oneself and to afford a safeguard to the moving climber” (from The Dictionary of Mountaineering, 1957).

We need your help to secure a strong and stable future for Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. It is crucial that we develop a network of support that is based on: (1) trusting relationships, (2) positive partnerships, and (3) a common purpose.

By surrounding ourselves with those individuals, businesses, and organizations that believe in and are committed to our vision—we will insure that Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. continues as a premier provider of adaptive sports, adaptive outdoor recreation programs and other specialty therapeutic services for persons of all ages and abilities:

    • Physical and Developmental Disabilities
    • Disabled Military Heroes – Veterans and Their Families
    • Cancer Survivors
    • Chronic & Terminal Illnesses and Other Special Health Needs

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