June 29, June 30, July 1, 2020


Families all across the nation have been sequestered in their homes for the past four months. Schools and businesses have been closed, and daily routine’s, that we often take for granted, have been significantly altered. Home schooling, virtual instruction, Zoom meetings, Telehealth, and working from home have provided new challenges for everyone.

Life is an adventure — a bold and sometimes risky undertaking — challenging each of us to confront and overcome self imposed limits of possibility. TA programs provide the experiential lessons and progressions that prepare you for success. Our individualized approach, care and attention to details sets us apart.

Helping one person at a time may not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person.

Therapeutic Adventures (TA) has always been at the forefront, dedicated to innovative action and purpose. Recently, (June 29, 30 and July 1) TA provided the first R4 Therapeutic Family Camp (R4-TFC). When this event was originally proposed, we had a solid plan. COVID-19 came along requiring us to implement some major changes.

Summer Camp is something every child should experience. Summer Camp provides some of the most meaningful and life changing learning. Ask anyone who has attended camp or been a counselor at camp and they will tell you it was one of the best experiences of their life.

During these unprecedented times filled with uncertainty, it is important to have fun, to have hopes and dreams for a better future. “Without fear there is no courage”. The first ever R4 Therapeutic Family Camp was held at the beautiful Montfair Resort Farm.
We targeted five “Dream Team” families (Parents, a child with a disability and/or complex medical needs and sibling(s). [1. Undiagnosed; 2. Arthrogryposis; 3. Congenital Limb Deficiency R-Arm, L-Leg; 4. Guillain-Barré syndrome, CP, Mitochondrial Syndrome; 5. Cerebral Palsy]

To make this special event possible, we selected a great R4 “Dream Team” staff. Our ALL volunteer R4-TFC staff had diverse backgrounds in rehabilitation, adaptive physical education, art, culinary arts, education, engineering, experiential education, journalism, music, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, pre-med, rehabilitation, and special education. Each of these thirteen individuals, all who have experience with other TA programs, unselfishly provided a wonderful camp experience, sharing their goodness and love with our TA children, their siblings and parents. In addition to contributing 874 hours of volunteer service, our R4 “Dream Team” staff also shared their unique gifts, talents, creativity, and enthusiasm.

The professionalism and caring of our R4 “Dream Team Staff” made the families feel confident about participation at our R4 Therapeutic Family Camp. To provide this event during these uncertain times, we needed to address any and all safety concerns about COVID-19. We worked closely with the staff at Montfair Resort Farm to make sure our plan could be safely implemented. To put everyone at ease, the families and staff needed to believe in our protocol/ procedures. Staff socially distanced sleeping outside in hammocks, in a tent down by the lake, or in the main lodge on cots. We also put the following procedures in place: daily temperature checks, face masks and gloves, frequent hand washing & disinfecting, social distancing, each family had their own cabin, family/team tables for meals and scheduled camp activities, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and activity areas, disposable utensils, plates & bowls for meals, designated staff serving meals to their assigned team/family.

We provided a safe, fun, action packed few days. The kids (ages 2-16) certainly had great energy that kept everyone busy. Activities included: parachute games, a parent “getting to know you” session, super hero masks, slip n’ slide, fishing and more fishing, canoeing/kayaking, a special gourmet virtual cooking class for parents, a special cookout for kids — s’mores & campfire songs, yoga and more yoga, scavenger hunt, hammock time, nature crafts, water balloon fights, kids designing & making family pizza,Waltzing Matilda song with great acting out of lyrics from the kids, a staff skit — soaking Mark, more music & singing, friendship bracelets, treasure boxes, body part team challenge & circle sharing and a closing camp song.

This special R4 Therapeutic Family Camp was provided at NO cost to any of the families. We are very pleased with the important connections that were made between parents. It was great to observe families participating together in a wide variety of activities, many of which were first time experiences. We are also pleased to report that one month after the camp, none of the participants have reported any complications related to COVID-19.

“It is important to live life — to have hopes and dreams for a better future! With proper planning, you can be safe, have fun and experience positive learning.”

~ Mark

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Special Thanks to our wonderful
R4 “Dream Team” families

The Drumheller Family
The Forgrave Family
The Honaker Family
The McKean Family
The Rieser Family

We are very grateful for our highly talented and loving
R4 “Dream Team” staff

Mark Andrews
Teresa Andrews
Zach Andrews
Caroline Conlan
Sandra Cornell
Kate Donovan
Danielle Greer
Mary Beth Greer
Donna Markey
Chole Sutterfield
Robbie Thomas
Bill Brooks, Event Videographer

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