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Operation Freedom Outdoors (OFO)
Why is OFO so important?

When a person experiences and survives extreme trauma, their life is forever changed. A support network consisting of caring, compassionate people and healing, restorative services are so important in order to address physical, psycho-social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Physical injury, assault, sexual abuse, child maltreatment, unrelenting violence, cruelty, terror, or exposure to ruthless and barbaric acts cause substantial suffering. After traumatic life events, the process of recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration takes time. Survivors must grieve. They must also develop faith, resilience and grit to overcome the all-consuming trauma. Only then, will they be able to move forward.

OFO, in part, uses adaptive sports and outdoor adventures to help our Disabled Heroes – Military, Warfighters, Veterans, 1st Responders and their Families to reclaim their future, to achieve functional independence and to improve their quality of life.

Opportunities to build a strong foundation of skills and behaviors in a supportive environment where healing and post traumatic growth can take place is essential. Our approach, in part, helps with the journey to restore, to rebuild, and to re-create the injured body, mind and soul, and to a find new life purpose after trauma.

Mission Statement

Operation Freedom Outdoors (OFO) exists to support our nation’s true heroes — members of the military, disabled veterans, first responders, and their families — as they work to restore, rebuild, and re-create themselves after life-changing trauma. OFO provides leadership, programs and specialty therapeutic services to cultivate hope, healing, functional independence and improve overall quality of life.

Our Commitment

Operation Freedom Outdoors (OFO) provides our military, disabled veterans, first responders, and their families with positive life changing experiences (physical, emotional, and spiritual) designed to help with the difficult journey of rehabilitation, reintegration, recovery from the trauma associated with service to our country. Our unique and integrative approach uses a model of consisting of therapeutic retreats, adaptive sports, and outdoor recreation.

OFO programs and services are provided at “NO COST” to the heroes who have represented our great nation defending the freedoms we all enjoy.

Our History

Approaching 4 decades of service, Therapeutic Adventures (TA) has been honored and blessed to provide therapeutic retreats, individual instruction, group programs, and adaptive guide services for our heroes after they have returned home from serving in military conflicts around the globe. To date, OPERATION FREEDOM OUTDOORS — Serving our Disabled Military Heroes, has worked with disabled veterans after they have returned home from serving in the Korean War, Vietnam, Bosnia, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq. We have also worked with those who are victims of war and oppressed societies such as Somalia, and some Eastern European countries.

Beginning our very first year of operation and every year since, Therapeutic Adventures has reached out to collaborate with military hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other non-profit organizations to provide services for their members of the military and disabled veterans including: McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond, VA; Walter Reed Hospital in DC; Operation First Response (OFR) – Supporting Wounded Heroes and Their Families;VA Hospital in Salem,VA; and Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center – Charlottesville, formally Virginia Neuro-Care which provided rehab for Traumatic Brain Injured (TBI) soldiers; the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA); and the Center for Citizen Leadership – The Mission Continues. TA staff has been honored and privileged to provide adaptive outdoor programs for disabled veterans who have represented our great nation defending the freedoms we all enjoy. In 2006, Therapeutic Adventures served as the first ever sponsor for the Wheelchair and Hand-Crank Division of the Marine Corps Marathon.

Our Programs

Adaptive Snow Sports (skiing & snowboarding, xc-skiing)
Adaptive Paddle Sports (canoeing, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking/touring, SUP)
Bug SlingerTM Warriors – Fly Fishing (fresh water, salt water)
Adaptive Climbing
Backpacking, Camping
Cycling (hand-cycling, recumbent, tandem)
Fitness, Conditioning & Yoga

Please support Operation Freedom Outdoors (OFO) and help us achieve our goal to provide important therapeutic programs and services at “NO COST” to the heroes who have represented our great nation defending the freedoms we all enjoy.

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