“Promoting safety for All persons and the outdoor environments where they find adventure!”

Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council (AOSC) Mission Statement

The Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council (AOSC) has a twofold mission: (1) to promote safety, education and leadership for persons all ages with differing abilities (physical and/or developmental, chronic medical diagnoses, and other special health needs who participate in adaptive outdoor sports (snow sports, water sports, and wilderness sports) and (2) to promote stewardship and protection of the outdoor environments where adaptive activities are offered and enjoyed.

Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council (AOSC)
Co-Founder – Mark Andrews
Co-Founder – Creed Leffler

The Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council (AOSC) was inspired and co- founded through the passion and vision of Creed Leffler, a young man who has overcome the challenges of cerebral palsy. Now 27 y/o, Creed has been an avid skier and with the Therapeutic Adventures — Massanutten Adaptive Snow Sports since he was six years old. Creed uses an adaptive ski called a Bi-ski, designed for persons (a) who use a wheelchair as their primary means of mobility (b) who are not able to ski standing up, and/or (c) who may or may not have strong upper extremities and/or good torso/ trunk balance (tend to be more limited). When Creed was 10 years old, it was his idea to develop an Adaptive Ski Patrol (comprised of adaptive skiers) committed to promoting slope safety. Since 2004 Creed has also has been very active with our – ADAPTIVE ANGLERS ON THE FLY – Fly Fishing Camp for Disabled. After many meetings as well as extensive research and planning, we developed the Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council (AOSC).

The Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council (AOSC) in conjunction with IndependencePlus Publications has developed the following professional resources:

~ AOSC – Code of Ethics for Adaptive Outdoor Leaders
~ AOSC – Practice Guidelines for Providers of Adaptive Outdoor Recreation Services
~ Planning and Organizing a Fly Fishing Camp for the Disabled “How to Manual”



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