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NPCA LogoOn November 22-24, 2017 individuals representing organizations from across the country traveled to D.C. to advocate on behalf of our national Parks. Many who participated were concerned with historic preservation; others stressed the importance of protecting and preserving our country’s beautiful environmental treasures. Organizations such as Therapeutic Adventures, The Mission Continues, and Warrior Expeditions were present to stress the importance of the National Parks — providing both accessibility, and places to promote healing after service in the military. All who were present and advocating for their diverse causes were concerned with the countless ways that the National Parks all across our nation improve our quality of life.
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On March 28, 2017 Senators Warner and Portman introduced the National Park Service Legacy Act (S. 751) to dedicate funding to the national parks crumbling infrastructure.


The National Park Service’s (NPS) deferred maintenance backlog has grown to $12 billion dollars. Half of the overdue repairs are transportation-related: roads, bridges, tunnels, trails and parking lots. the remaining projects are comprised of visitor centers, aging water infrastructure, historic buildings, military infrastructure, docks and more.
This bill would enhance the economic contribution of national parks—now more than $32 billion in economic activity and nearly 300,000 private sector jobs generated from visitor spending. It would generate construction jobs. It would protect and preserve our natural and cultural heritage. And, it would support the inspiring experience of now more than 330 million park visitors annually.


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