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Disaster + Wilderness Medical School

The way in which YOU handle the first 5 mins of an emergency can make the difference between life & death.


Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. (TA) is pleased to partner with MEDIC SOLO – Disaster + Wilderness Medical School.

Matthew Rosefsky is the owner and lead instructor for MEDIC SOLO – Disaster + Wilderness Medical School, a business committed to helping individuals develop important emergency preparedness skills. “Matt is a wonderful instructor and does a great job with these courses!”

Teaching Disaster + Travel + Wilderness Medical Courses

  • Became an instructor in 2007; experience of having taught 100+ courses (2,000+students)
  • Teaches the following certification courses:
    • SOLO Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid
    • SOLO Wilderness First Responder
    • SOLO CPR & AED for Adult / Child / Infant

According to Mark Andrews, Founder/Executive Director of Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. (TA),“Matt has made a commitment to give back to the communities where his courses are offered. How cool is that? He truly understands the importance of helping others in need by teaching them to care for others in life threatening, emergency situations. Equally important, however, Matt leads the way to help others by giving back in the form of providing monies which support our adaptive Therapeutic Adventures & IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports – athlete scholarship program. As the named beneficiary of the proceeds raised from MEDIC SOLO – Charlottesville courses, we are very grateful.”

When YOU sign up for one or more of the valuable classes listed below, you not only prepare yourself for outdoor emergencies, you also help individuals and families who are learning new ways to overcome a variety of challenges.

TA program services are broken down into four areas:

  • Physical & Developmental Disabilities
  • Disabled American Heroes – Veterans and their Families
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Terminal & Chronic Illnesses and Other Special Health Needs

Please sign up for one of these important MEDIC SOLO courses. Tell your friends!

  • February 27-28
  • April 16-17
  • May 28-29

Your participation in MEDIC SOLO courses makes it possible for Therapeutic Adventures & IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports.

To Educate!                      ~                     To Challenge!                      ~                    To Inspire!

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