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TA – Fund Raising Volunteer

Are you passionate about our community? Do you value the importance of adaptive sports and adaptive outdoor adventures? Do you have expertise that would strengthen our fundraising efforts?

Therapeutic Adventures relies on volunteers from the community who commit to a variety of service roles. If you are interested in joining our TA Family of fundraising volunteers, please contact us:

Call (434) 981-5834 | Email: info@TAonline.org

We are always grateful for community partners who wish to lend a hand in our fundraising events and campaigns. Please use the form to the right if you would like to get involved as a fundraising volunteer.

“We are grateful for the generous volunteer assistance and donations we receive from individuals, community organizations, and area businesses. This support makes it feasible for us to offset the total expense of providing adaptive sports, adaptive outdoor adventure programs, and other specialty therapeutic services.”

Note: **For TA volunteer opportunities working directly with our adaptive athletes, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

Volunteering with Therapeutic Adventures

Far too often, time is commodity that taken for granted. Rest assured, when you share with our adaptive athletes the gift of your time, everyone benefits. Please consider giving: time to share; time to care; time to listen; time to help heal; time to teach; and time to play. The outcome will be that you help to embolden our adaptive athletes with the courage to improve their functional independence, fitness and overall quality of life. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Our wonderful TA volunteers (community professionals and university students) give that gift of time every day. Approaching 4 decades of service, approximately 2500 people have contributed 60,000 volunteer hours. Thank you.

“When individuals look for creative ways to reach out to others, to give of themselves, as well as to share their life experiences and professional expertise, everyone benefits.”

— Mark Andrews, Founder/Executive Director

If you would like to do something important and lasting, please consider becoming a trained volunteer for Therapeutic Adventures. We rely on our dedicated group of ALL VOLUNTEER – adaptive guides/instructors, and support personnel to carry out our mission.

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To register, simply fill out the form that appears below. We’ll look forward to your submission!