Our Culture

  • Our Vision

    TA’s commitment to teaching, coaching, guiding and mentoring empowers our adaptive students/clients to set goals and to strive for functional independence. Our belief that ALL persons learn and benefit by being provided with opportunities to develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-reliance has a proven framework for success.

  • Our Mission

    To educate, to challenge and to inspire ALL persons with differing abilities to improve their quality of life by providing greater access, awareness and participation in adaptive sports, and adaptive outdoor recreation.

  • Our History

    For more than three decades, Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. has been developing innovative programs and specialty services to provide greater access to the outdoors for persons with differing abilities. TA supports individuals and families, helping them to make positive lifestyle choices in the outdoor environments where adaptive adventure activities are offered and enjoyed.Read More

  • Guiding Core Values

    As a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable education organization, Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. has a voice that is reaching out to countless individuals, families, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, Disabled Military Heroes, Disabled Veterans, businesses and other organizations. We must encourage our leaders, our clients and citizen supporters to seek out opportunities for civic engagement and service to others. Read More

  • Our Creed

    We who love the outdoors in order that it may be enjoyed and shared with future generations are committed to a common goal–to promote greater access to Adaptive Snow Sports, Adaptive Water Sports and Adaptive Wilderness Adventures for all persons who have a physical or developmental disability, a chronic illness, or other special health needs.Read More

  • IndependencePlus

    IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports (I~AS) support persons of all ages and abilities – physical and developmental disabilities, blind/ visual impairments, deaf/hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities, cancer survivors, disabled military heroes – veterans and their families, as well as other special health needs.Read More

  • Circle of Courage

    The Circle of Courage Model © provides a framework to help individuals to learn new ways to achieve their potential and to improve life satisfaction. Through exposure to a variety of therapeutic experiences in outdoor environments participants learn new ways to develop four key qualities (belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity).Read More

  • Testimonials

    See what folks have to say about Therapeutic Adventures…

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2017 Annual Report

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